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Education and Research Centers for Occupational Safety and Health Woman looking into microscope

Providing Occupational Safety and Health Education

Occupational HealthERCs Offer...

  • academic programs
  • continuing education (CE) programs
  • training
  • research opportunities

The core areas of programming are industrial hygiene, occupational health nursing, occupational medicine, and occupational safety. Programs are developed to meet the educational needs of these groups as well as other professionals working in the field of OH&S. You can view and search over 70 topics on this site.  

On This Website...

Access information on continuing education programs for OH&S professionals. 

Why ERCs...

To meet the needs of national and regional safety and health professionals, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) developed the Educational Resource Centers in 1977.  NIOSH currently funds 18 university-based Education and Research Centers (ERC)

The goal of the ERCs is to help NIOSH achieve its mandate of "providing an adequate supply of qualified personnel to carry out the purposes of the Occupational Safety and Health Act" by providing education for occupational health and safety (OH&S) professionals.

Tell Us What You Need...

CE programs are developed to meet the educational needs of OH&S professionals, so your voice is critical to the creation of relevant, timely OH&S programming. Share your needs and insights with us by completing a brief needs assessment. Your feedback will be distributed to each ERC and considered when new programs are developed.